Private Lesson

Musicians, including myself, are disappointed to see many people only ‘listen' to songs that they like. The reason for this is because musicians like us know how to enjoy music by performing the song. People may think that playing the piano freely is hard, but actually it is very fun.

Please try to imagine. If you were able to perform the song that you like the most, wouldn't it be the greatest moment for you? I believe that there is no age limit in when you can start playing the piano. Anyone from any age can start if they have the feelings such as, “I want to play the piano” or “I want to play music”. It is my job as an instructor to support these kind of people.

The most important thing in my piano lesson is to “have fun”. If you're not having fun, it is not music. This is why I value what type of song the student wants to play. My lesson style is to figure out along with the student what is the best way to play the way they want to play. People are able to do their best when they have a goal and if the goal is something they enjoy, they will surely be able to work their hardest. For students that are able to play the piano freely to a certain level, the next level for the student is to learn the historical background of the song by looking at both history and harmony of the song. By this, they will have a deeper understanding of music. The performance will become better when the performer understands the song and enrich their musicianship.