Home Concert

At this age, generally the classical music world is hard to get into where many believe that it is a genre that is difficult to understand and enjoy. As some of you read this, you might be thinking, "Isn't classical music for rich people?" and "Only people that understand can enjoy this type of music".
However, in Japanese the word "music" is represented by two Japanese Kanji characters, "sound" and "to have fun". Another meaning for "classic" is "historical". Since the classical genre is historical and relates to all of us, I believe that everyone should be able to "have fun" with the "sounds".

I have many friends that are far from liking classical music as many of you may have but I truly want them to enjoy it.
My concept for my recitals is "a sense of unity". Not only do I want to the audience to enjoy my performance but I also like to share with everyone the background of the song before I perform.

What was the composer's circumstance or intention when they wrote this song? By understanding the history of the song, the audience can be familiar with and understand the meaning. This is truly "having fun" with the "sound". This can be achieved because classical music is traditional and has a deep historical background.
Sharing this knowledge with the audience will help them understand my passion towards my performance and create a "sense of unity". This will certainly become "the best moment" for both the performer and the audience.